PERPLAY is the world’s first Game and Earn Platform that will revolutionize your game time. The name PERPLAY reflects our vision to maximize the value of your gameplay experience. More specifically, the name signifies "rewards PER hour of gameplay" or "/", as well as an indicator of investment value. On PERPLAY, you can obtain $XPER and $PER tokens for any game you play.

You can use these tokens to upgrade, repair, and breed NFTs, as well as convert $XPER and $PER into external coins through the in-app wallet and then convert them into cash through an exchange. Unlike other P2E apps that only reward you for playing certain games, on PERPLAY, you can earn coins by playing any game you want. PERPLAY's biggest advantage is that you can play games that you enjoy while mining coins simultaneously.

Please note: PERPLAY is currently in the development stage so the content of the whitepaper may change in the future.

[Definition] Game Token : XPER / Governance Token : PER

Ver : 1.2 (2024.06.17)

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