Consumables are essential items used in breeding, evolving, and leveling up Vehicles. They also enhance the results of Vehicle Evolution and Gem Upgrades while assisting in maintaining a Vehicle’s performance by reducing its Mileage.
1) Types
Level-up Parts
Level-up Parts are necessary every five levels when leveling up a Vehicle. The required number depends on the level, and corresponding Parts for the Vehicle’s Grade must be used. Refer to the [Level page] for details.
Restoration Parts
To reduce a Vehicle’s Mileage and maintain its performance, use Restoration Parts. You need different Parts depending on the Vehicle’s Grade. Each Parts item reduces the Mileage by 10,000 kilometers. For more information, visit the [Mileage page].
Breeding Key
Breeding Keys are used when breeding Vehicles to create a new one. One Breeding Key is required for each Parent Vehicle matching the Parent’s Grade and Vehicle Type. Since two Parent Vehicles are needed for breeding, two Breeding Key items are required.
  • Example 1: To breed a Normal Sedan with an Elite Off-road. You need one Sedan (Normal) Key and one Off-road (Elite) Key.
  • Example 2: Breeding two Rare Sedans requires two Sedan (Rare) Keys.
For more information, refer to the [Breeding page].
Evolution Parts
Evolution Parts are needed for Vehicle Evolution, where four Vehicles of the same Grade are exchanged for one of a higher Grade. Prepare corresponding Parts based on the Grade of the Vehicles involved. Find more information on the [Evolution page].
Evolution Booster
An evolved Vehicle has a small chance to have a Plus (+) Mark, which grants a Rainbow Gem Socket, in addition to the four regular Sockets. The Rainbow Gem Socket allows you to mount a Gem of any color, providing a greater bonus from the mounted Gem.
Evolution Booster items increase the likelihood of obtaining an evolved Vehicle with a Plus Mark. You need to use a different kind of Evolution Booster depending on the Grade of the Vehicles being evolved.
Note that an Evolution Booster is not mandatory, and you can still evolve Vehicles without it.
Upgrade Booster
When upgrading Gems, adding an Upgrade Booster item enhances the chances of a successful upgrade by 50 percentage points.
It is not mandatory, and you can attempt a Gem Upgrade without it. Refer to the [Gems page] for more details.
2) Items can be obtained in the following ways:
Opening a Special Box
Opening a Special Box has a chance of dropping items. Higher level Special Boxes are more likely to yield higher level items.
Purchasing from the in-app Marketplace
You can buy items from the in-app Marketplace.
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