A Symbiotic Approach to Making PERPLAY Sustainable

“Mutualism” would be the word if we were to encapsulate PERPLAY’s core essence into one keyword. PERPLAY’s mission is to create an ecosystem where everyone benefits, be a platform for gamers that provides “fun”, “achievement”, and “wealth” and a platform for game developers that provides “user acquisition” and “loyalty”.

The idea of creating a simple token mining P2E project never occurred to us since the beginning. What a disgrace it would be to our lifetime careers if 40 game development, platform development, and service experts with decades of experience come together just to create a pyramid scheme! We felt the need to redefine the value of our precious game users and create a global game ecosystem that would allow game developers and users to grow together, hence the “mutualistic” approach.

The Hurdle to User Acquisition Just Keeps Getting Higher

The gaming market is the world’s largest entertainment industry and has been steadily growing for decades. According to the 2022 Global Games Market Report released by Newzoo, the market is worth $198.6 million, of which $103.5 billion (53%) is from the mobile game market, with 3.2 billion users. Google Play Store has over 500,000 games, and hundreds of games are released every day.

The general trend is positive, with forecasts pointing to market growth of $227.5 billion by 2025, despite the slightly sluggish growth in app installs.

Meanwhile, annual global spending on User Acquisition Cost (UAC) by game companies is continuously rising to billions of dollars to attract users. Game companies are paying significant CPI costs on game ads. These are the ads we usually see in search engines, on Facebook, on Twitter, and even in-game that aim to hook users and for developers to constantly develop their games. According to AppsFlyer, the world’s mobile game companies spent $26.7 billion on UA costs in 2022 alone. In the Korean gaming scene, the Cost Per Install (CPI) for mobile games is $13.9, according to a whitepaper published in 2022 by SocialPeta.

Introducing PERPLAY for BIZ

The most important thing in tokenomics is the balance between supply and demand. We think of game users and game companies as symbiotic to each other. PERPLAY has designed a diverse demand-supply structure and tech trees to implement tokenomics based on the demand-supply of game users and game developers. This structure is in stark contrast to the one adopted by project S and project A in our previous article, which relies on the influx of new users to sustain itself.

To make this possible, PERPLAY will provide a marketing platform for game companies. ‘PERPLAY for BIZ’ will target game users as a UA platform that will more efficiently and more effectively help companies conduct not only CPI campaigns but also provide measurement capabilities such as CPA (Cost Per Action) campaigns that will measure daily check-in events, level achievement events, among many others.

Shani Rosenfelder, Director of Market Insights at AppsFlyer, notes that “…[year] 2023 will be a time that marketers, developers, and studios will need to overcome challenges to adopt highly-focused, efficient strategies for attracting and inspiring loyal, valuable players.“ We believe PERPLAY for BIZ has come just at the perfect time when the market needs it.

(Read [PERPLAY for Biz section] for more information.)

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