Vehicle NFTs start at Level 1 and can be leveled up to Level 50. You can increase a Vehicle’s level by spending XPER and PER tokens, and specific items for certain levels.

Each level-up grants Stat Points that can be allocated to basic attributes (Speed, Luck, Energy, and Durability). Higher-Grade Vehicles earn more Stat Points per level.

The tokens and Level-up Parts required for each level-up depend on the Vehicle’s Grade and its current level. Refer to the tables(click link) below for the specific requirements at each level for different Grades.

[Normal] / [Rare] / [Elite]

The level-up process takes time, but you can shorten it by spending XPER. While leveling up, certain activities are restricted, including:

  • Initiating a new level-up process

  • Transferring the leveling Vehicle to your Wallet

  • Listing the leveling Vehicle on the in-app Market

  • Breeding with the leveling Vehicle as a Parent

  • Evolving the leveling Vehicle

The time and XPER cost to speed up the process are determined by the Vehicle’s level, not its Grade. Instantly finishing the level-up process requires 1 XPER per remaining minute. The table below provides a summary of the XPER cost and time for each level-up process.

[Level-up time / Cost for instant Level-up]

All Vehicles, regardless of Grade, gain additional features at every five levels.

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