Game Library

PERPLAY is an app that allows you to play any game you want and get rewarded for it.

When you enter the Add Game menu, you will see a list of all the games installed on your device. You can add any of them to PERPLAY’s Library.

You can play games in the Library whenever there is Power available to spend.


Select one of the games registered in the Library and start playing. PERPLAY accurately measures your gameplay time and rewards you with our patented Proof-of-Play certificates technology.

For every minute of playtime, one Power is spent and XPER tokens are awarded. The amount of XPER you receive increases if you have a higher Speed Stat. Some games may also award PER tokens.

As Power is consumed, your Main Vehicle’s Condition decreases and its Mileage increases. To play and earn at full potential, you need to keep your Vehicle’s Condition and Mileage under control through Repair and Restoration.

Ending Play and Special Boxes

When you’re done playing, return to PERPLAY and hit the Finish button to end gameplay. You sometimes may receive a Special Box as an additional reward.

The longer the total playtime for this playthrough, and the higher your Luck Stat, the more likely you are to receive a Special Box. You also may receive a higher level Special Box.

The Special Boxes you earned are placed in the Special Box Slot on the Lobby screen. Special Boxes can be opened by paying XPER tokens after a certain period of time. If you want to open the Box right now, you can also pay an additional fee to open it immediately.

Upon opening a Special Box, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of items, including Gems.

Special Games

Special and Recommended games, handpicked by PERPLAY, offer even more rewards.

The fundamental planning and direction of PERPLAY revolve around the symbiotic relationship between gamers and game developers.

Special Games arise from the marketing activities of game companies, being variably implemented according to the conditions set by the latter. In essence, the allocation of rewards, the selection of users, and the specific game in question are all determined based on the budget and objectives stipulated by the game companies.

Consequently, the PERPLAY team does not have prior knowledge regarding which games will appear as Special Games, nor when, or with what rewards – lending to a diversity in campaign durations, recipient numbers, and token reward magnitudes.

(Note that, depending on the campaign, the number of recipients and quantity of tokens distributed daily may be limited, thereby potentially leading to a sell-out in advance.)

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