The Birth of a Gamer’s Dream

Hardcore gamers, that’s what we are. We enjoy playing games so much that playing games for several hours a day is just routine. We play whenever we can, wherever we are. We play while we’re on the move, on the bus, or on the subway. We play while waiting for a friend, drinking coffee, lying in bed before bedtime, or even while doing our business in the bathroom.

We’ve teleported from the Middle Ages to the future. We’ve won countless battles, saved princesses in distress, and maintained world peace. We’ve searched far and wide not only for soccer, baseball, or sports fields but also for racing tracks all over the world.

I played games because I was bored, because it was fun. I played games to kill time. I played games for the records, for competition, or just out of habit.

In the games I have played, I was a general, a hero, a wizard, a superstar. There are a lot of memories I won’t ever forget.

In reality, we are ordinary people who like computers, having friends, and having fun. We are a community of early adopters, rational, and smart. And, of course, we are incredibly good at games.

I recall the movie “Ready Player One” which left an impression on me. It was about us, and it reminds us that the Metaverse future isn’t far away. I know this because we make history as we go about different metaverse worlds every day.

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, metaverse, AI, these are the hot trends these days, you name it. And these are all even technologies that can be perfectly harnessed in games. Come to think of it; nothing has global influence as much as games. Games are among the most developed cultural carriers where IT technologies are integrated.

And so, it became a dream of mine to create a project for gamers, by gamers.

Even at this moment, many gamers are creating history in the vast world of metaverse games. Game time is very precious. And I made it my mission to make this game time more valuable.

Eureka! I have found the answer in Web3 technology.

With web3 technology, users can seamlessly turn the time and effort invested in the game into assets they own, with recognizable value, and can be converted into real-world currency.

This is how PERPLAY was born. You can enjoy your favorite games and get rewarded for the amount of time that you invested.

PERPLAY is the world’s 1st Game & Earn platform backed by web3 technology.

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