The goal of the PERPLAY team isn’t just making another P2E project where the goal is to make a profit or make one specific game successful. Our ultimate goal is to make a platform that we can be proud of, a platform that redefines the global game ecosystem by recognizing the inherent value of game users and reinvesting the profits back to those precious users that are integral to the operation of the ecosystem.

  • Marketing & Eco Fund PERPLAY is designed in a way that allows both the game users and game companies to coexist together in harmony. Through direct and indirect investment and support for well-made games, we aim to encompass downloads, gameplay, and rewards for playing games into one circulatory structure so that users and game companies can benefit from each other. PERPLAY's boosting program ensures the influx of valuable game users. Additionally, through PERPLAY's unique globally-designed ecosystem and user reinvestment program, game developers can acquire a solid loyal fanbase that will continue to support their game. In order to maintain the health of the ecosystem, PERPLAY operates a marketing fund and an eco-fund. Every month, PERPLAY will select notable games from small and medium-sized indie game companies and pay $PER to genuine users who play the game. Through this system, game companies can secure real game playing users who are serious about gaming, and in return, users can gain access to excellent games they otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to play.

  • Social contribution At PERPLAY, we strongly believe that games are an important part of a global culture that leads the new economy in an increasingly virtual world. As the most cost-effect form of entertainment, games are the most popular content that can transcend personal discrimination, disabilities, age, gender, and regional and environmental differences. PERPLAY’s goal is to be a project that wholeheartedly contributes to the development of a game culture revolution. To aid in this case, a portion of PERPLAY's profits will be used to support various social causes such as accessibility support for the disabled, support for the culturally underprivileged, game addiction treatment, gaming scholarships, and the continued promotion of a healthy and happy gaming culture.

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