The Next-generation Marketing Platform for Game Companies

“We need to get users for our new game, but the ad costs are really expensive.”

“There aren’t that many advertising channels, and even with targeting, the results prove to be ineffective.”

“Even if we spend a lot of budget to attract users, the repeat visit rates are low, and there are no paying users.”

This is a common pain point for most game marketing managers, regardless of which part of the world they’re from. In today’s marketing trend where outcomes are measured based on numbers, there aren’t many advertising channels available to acquire users. It’s impossible to do branding campaigns, such as portal search ads, subways, buses, newspapers, TV, etc that are not related to the cost or actual user acquisition figures. Even with optimized algorithms and AI targeting, the marketing results just prove to be ineffective. Basically, advertising costs are being spent on users who have no interest in the game being advertised.

Naturally, the cost per user acquisition based on downloads (CPI) can only increase, and there are many hurdles to be overcome to connect it to overall Lifetime Value (LTV), including CPA, repeat visits, in-game purchases, etc.

Many people say that YouTube, Netflix, and various in-app ads are cost-effective. But what can we do? All users who spend money on these media are premium service members with no-ads subscriptions. The bottom line is those game ads are only exposed to non-paying users or users who are only willing to consume free content. Generally, these ads may increase download figures in the short term, but they are very difficult to lead to sales in the long run.

So where are those users who are actually interested in downloading and playing our game, and at the same time can become paying users that can increase sales?

The Answer: Next-Generation Game Marketing Platform PERPLAY

PERPLAY is a platform where real users download games and can mine tokens only if they play games. PERPLAY for Biz is a 100% targeting UA marketing platform that utilizes PERPLAY’s user attributes.

Unlike traditional advertising campaigns, PERPLAY provides a system to game companies where they can utilize their marketing budgets to compensate users who actually enjoy their games. Game companies can choose various attributes such as user’s region, age, preferred genre, and play patterns, and can execute a variety of reward systems for game activity such as membership registration, attendance check, playtime, level achievement, and mission achievement. More importantly, fraudulent activity can be eliminated since the PERPLAY system is designed to issue rewards based on 100% user manual action only.

For example, if a user joins the game mid-campaign, he or she will be given 1 $PER for downloading the game and another 1 $PER for signing up. Depending on how the game company chooses to run the campaign, they can additionally reward users 1 $PER for 10 minutes worth of daily gameplay and another 1 $PER for 1 week of consecutive gameplay, giving users a total of 10 $PER tokens within that period. From the game company’s perspective, these are efficient results — you secure new users and achieve a 7-day retention rate of 100%.

The method is straightforward and does not require an extensive background on coins, tokens, or blockchain. The game company’s person-in-charge can directly access the PERPLAY for Biz dashboard and set the number, duration, user attributes, and adjust their budget just as they would when implementing an advertising campaign through a marketing agency. Currently, PERPLAY for Biz is actively collaborating with partners in various fields such as game companies, marketing, and advertising agencies.

PERPLAY for Biz brings a new paradigm to the future of the game advertising

Through PERPLAY for Biz, users can take part in a GameFi ecosystem that has stable and sustainable tokenomics, which is unlike existing Ponzi-like P2E project schemes that do not have external fund sources aside from the investment of new users.

Game companies can now create an opportunity to communicate directly with their game users, without having to shell out huge marketing costs for advertising campaigns that are unable to provide refined targeting and only produce bogus statistics.

PERPLAY will continue to lend both ears and openly communicate as we move to become a bridgehead between a) companies that develop and service games and; b) users who play games so that they can coexist and create a desirable game ecosystem.

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