Playing games and spending POW increases the Mileage of your Main Vehicle.

1) Overall

  • It starts at 0 kilometers and continues to increase unless you perform a Restoration.

  • The maximum Mileage varies depending on the Vehicle’s Grade. Although higher-Grade Vehicles gain more Mileage per POW spent, they allow you to use more POW without Restoration because they have much greater maximum Mileage values.

2) Mileage Status and Penalties

The status of your Vehicle’s Mileage changes based on its current Mileage value. Here are the different status categories and the penalties on XPER and PER mining output associated with them:

  • Once repeat, when your Vehicle is in Warning status, it produces only 10% of tokens.

To maintain your Vehicle’s performance, managing its Mileage is crucial. You can reduce the Mileage by restoring your Vehicle, which requires an XPER fee and Restoration Parts. For more information on Restoration Parts, refer to the [Items page].

The type of Restoration Parts needed depends on the Vehicle's Grade. Each Restoration Parts item reduces the Mileage by 10,000 kilometers, and the XPER cost per item is determined by the Vehicle's Grade, Type, level, and final modified Durability.

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