In the Perplay app, there is a market where you can exchange vehicles and items.

Items that are listed for sale can be traded with HVH (NFT) and PER (All items except NFT). All items on the market are listed by other Perplayers. When a transaction is completed, the seller receives HVH or PER deducted 6.5% of commission (2.5% market fee and 4% creator earnings).

Purchased NFTs and items can be viewed in the Inventory tab.

The items on the market can be categorized into four types: Vehicles, Vehicle Boxes, Gems, and Others. Taking a closer look at each type, they are as follows:

pageMarket - VehiclespageMarket - Vehicle BoxespageMarket - GemspageMarket - Others

Perplay's Vehicle NFTs can also be traded on various external NFT marketplaces outside the app. In external NFT marketplaces, transactions occur using cryptocurrencies or fiat supported by the marketplace, not using PER.

  • The official NFT marketplace of Havah. Transactions can be conducted using the HVH token.

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