Power (POW)

You spend Power to play games and earn rewards. Each minute of gameplay requires 1 Power, meaning that having more Power allows you to play for longer and earn greater rewards.

Power consists of two components: Bast Power and Extra Power. Base Power is consumed first, and when it is depleted, Extra Power comes into play.

Base Power

You start with a Base Power of 10, regardless of whether you own a Vehicle or not. As you acquire more Vehicle NFTs, each Vehicle contributes to the total Base Power. Higher-Grade Vehicles contribute more significantly. The maximum value for Base Power is 150.


Base Power increase per Vehicle





Extra Power

Extra Power is influenced by your Energy attribute. For every 8 Energy points, you gain 1 Extra Power. The final Energy value is determined by the Energy of your Main Vehicle plus any Ownership Bonuses derived from other Vehicles. Refer to [Stat] page for additional details on Ownership Bonuses. The maximum value for Extra Power is 90.

If you change your Main Vehicle, the value of Extra Power will adjust accordingly based on your current Energy.

Charging Power

Power replenishes over time according to the following rules:

CategoryCharging Method

Base Power

Every day at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, and 18:00, 25% of your Base Power maximum is recharged (UTC).

Extra Power

Every day at 00:00, Extra Power is charged to full (UTC).

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