Breeding is the act of acquiring a new Vehicle Box by taking two Vehicles as Parents.
To breed, you must first select two of your Vehicles as Parents. You cannot select the following Vehicles as Parents:
  • A Vehicle that has been selected as a Parent for a Breeding within the last 72 hours
  • A Vehicle that has been minted less than 72 hours ago
  • A Vehicle whose level is below the eligible level for Breeding
  • A Vehicle in the process of leveling up
  • A Vehicle listed for sale on Market
You need XPER, PER, and Breeding Key items that match the Grades and Types of the Parent Vehicles.
Example 1: when you use a Normal Sedan Vehicle and an Elite Off-road Vehicle as Parents for Breeding, you need a Normal Sedan Key and Elite Off-road Key.
Example 2: when you use a Rare Sedan Vehicle and another Rare Sedan as Parents, you need two Rare Sedan Keys.
When the Breeding is complete, you get a Vehicle Box (and you do not lose the Parent Vehicles). The Vehicle Box has the following properties:
Vehicle Boxes are divided into five Grades: Normal, Rare, Elite, Epic, and Ultimate.
The higher the Grades of Parent Vehicles, the more likely it is that a higher Grade Box will appear.
Some Vehicle Boxes are prefixed with Polished.
The higher the Parent Vehicle’s Breed Count (the cumulative number of times it has been used as a Parent prior to this Breeding), the more likely the Box has the Polished property.
When you open a Vehicle Box, you get a new Vehicle. You don’t know information about the Vehicle until you open the Box. Newly minted Vehicles can inherit the properties of their Parents with a certain probability.
Determined by the Grade and Polished properties of the Vehicle Box. If the Box is of a higher Grade and Polished, it is more likely that a higher Grade Vehicle will appear.
The new Vehicle will probably follow one of its Parent’s Vehicle Types, but it is not guaranteed, and sometimes a Vehicle of a different Type may appear. Sports Vehicles are set to appear less likely than other Types due to their high performance and rarity.
Gem Socket color
The new Vehicle’s Gem Socket colors would likely be selected from those of the Parents with a high chance, but it is not guaranteed, and some Sockets may have a different color.
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