Gem Sockets

Every Vehicle NFT has four Gem Sockets in which you can mount a Gem.
Gem Sockets can have one of four colors: red, green, yellow, or blue, and the color of each Socket is randomly determined when a Vehicle is created. Vehicles can have multiple Sockets with the same color.
The Sockets are initially locked and cannot be equipped with Gems, but each time the Vehicle reaches a certain level, one gets unlocked and available to mount a Gem. For more details about level-up process, refer to the [Level page].
Each Socket can only be mounted with a Gem of color that matches the color of the Socket.
Socket Color
Effect When Mounted
Vehicle’s Base Speed increases by N%.
Vehicle’s Base Luck increases by N%.
Vehicle’s Base Energy increases by N%.
Vehicle’s Base Durability increases by N%.
Vehicles have a Plus Mark which can be used as a special Gem Socket of rainbow color in addition to the four basic Gem Sockets. It is opened at the initial state, and a Rainbow Gem Socket can be freely mounted with a Gem of any color. The Gem in the Rainbow Socket will have a twice effect value than the original one.