Stat (Vehicle Stats)

All Vehicle NFTs have four stats: Speed, Luck, Energy, and Durability.
It affects the amount of XPER tokens you can earn by playing games. The higher your Speed Stat, the more XPER you’ll earn.
It affects the quality of Special Boxes you can earn by playing games. The higher your Luck Stat, the more chances you have to get a higher level Special Box.
Affects Extra Power (POW). The higher your Energy Stat, the more Extra POW you'll receive, allowing you to play and earn longer.
Affects the costs of repairing and restoring Vehicles. The higher the Durability Stat, the less you'll have to spend on Repair and Restoration of your Vehicle after playing games, allowing you to maintain it with less upkeep.
All Stats of your Main Vehicle are fully applied to the final numbers. The Stats of the rest of your Vehicles are partially added, called “Ownership Bonus.” The sum of Ownership Bonuses are capped by the Grade of your Main Vehicle and cannot exceed that point. Therefore, selecting a higher-Grade Vehicle as your Main one and having a lot of Vehicles will result in high Stats.
A Vehicle’s Base Stats are determined within a random range set per Grade, with higher Grades giving higher Stat numbers.
You can increase your Vehicle’s Stats in two ways:
Using Stat Points
By distributing Stat Points you earn on every level-up
Mounting a Gem
By mounting a Gem in an empty Gem Socket of a Vehicle