$XPER is the utility token of PERPLAY and is available in unlimited supply.
All $XPER, users spent in the app, are burned daily from the Spending Account.
  • Earning Mechanics Game & Earn Special Box Game Event
  • Burning Mechanics NFT Level up NFT Breeding NFT Evolution NFT Repair NFT Restore GEM Upgrade Special box open ETC
$PER is the governance token of PERPLAY and can be issued up to 10,000,000,000 in total. The initially issued supply of PER is 5,000,000,000, and the Game and Earn supply will be issued only when purchased with USDT. The maximum circulating supply of PER cannot exceed 5,000,000,000. All $PER, users spent in the app, are burned daily from the Spending Account until the total max supply of $PER drops below 500,000,000.
  • Earning Mechanics Special Game Play & Earn PER Item Selling NFT Selling
  • Burning Mechanics Level up to a specific level High-level GEM Upgrade NFT Breeding NFT Evolution ETC
$PER is the key currency for trading NFTs on the marketplace. $PER Contract Address: cxd7fed2ae1d9b2314087520efe1870c33e5c5baa4
$XPER Contract Address: cx845d39382f26509a4db7af8e3b38159f9c533852
$HVH PERPLAY uses the HAVAH blockchain that allows users to incorporate and utilize NFT assets from multiple networks.